Allow me to reintroduce myself

My blog introduction needed an update.  It might’ve done the trick for a while, but enough has changed over the past year on Charged Blast that my original post needed some sprucing up.  I get enough views on a regular basis (mostly on DOAX2 pictures…haha) that I thought it might be good to re-explain what my intentions with this blog are.

For the general purpose of navigation I have five labeled tabs at the top of my page.

You’ll find this and my original introduction post.  Not much else in this category, but a good starting point.

Game Index:
This is my personal alphabetical listing of games I own that doubles as a general index of games that I already have and will review in the future.  Games that I’ve already completed are highlighted and linked to their reviews, so I suppose it could be used as another way to find the write-ups.

Master List:
This is where the magic happens.  My Master List is, in essence, a ranking of every game I’ve reviewed in order from best to worst.  Here you’ll find basic information about each game, a brief paragraph and where it ranks on my list.  Shortly after I post a review for a new game I’ll jump over to the Master List and add it in where I believe it falls.  As I find numerical “scores” for things kind of lacking, I thought it would be a cool idea to just compare every game I own to every other game I own.  The list grows organically as I review more and more games, and I’ve found out a lot about myself and my preferences as I’ve worked on this.  Every game in the Master List is linked to it’s respective review, providing yet another way to find ’em.  Oh yeah!  There’s a separate list with the whole Castlevania series in it that I segregated from the original Master List, so there you’ll find that entire series in order from best to worst as well, as its own little thing.

Game Reviews:
Self explanatory title on this one.  All of the reviews I do are tagged to enter this category.

List Reflections:
When I write a review I like to talk about the game itself and not really worry about it’s placement in the list.  When does comes time to place it, though, I have reasoning that doesn’t necessarily make it to the blog.  The List Reflections space is for just that.  After every review and following placement into the list I like to make another post about why I placed that game where I did.  It’s usually fairly brief but hopefully it’s a bit more insight into why a game went where.  These posts also contain information on what games I’m currently playing, what games I’ve just completed and also what review will be coming next.

So why am I doing this?  I love video games!  I love analyzing them to death and comparing them to each other.  Simple, really.  Whether or not my reviews or writing is any good, I honestly think I have a strong concept that’s pretty outside the box for what you might find from other reviewers or websites.  For some reason a lot of people seem hesitant (or even afraid) to compare games to each other…a pretty natural concept to me.  I mean, we’ve all fucking compiled top five lists (OF ALL TIME) in our heads of the shit we like, all I’m doing is taking it too far and putting it to paper.

Anyway, that’s what this is all about.  Hope you enjoy!

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