What the plan actually is

I’m a guy who plays video games, likes them and sometimes I think I have something insightful to say after I’m done.  I mostly started this site to reflect on my gaming experiences but to also use those reflections to compile a ranked listing of every game I own (or have beaten) because reasons.  It’s fun.  I’m learning a lot from it.  For instance, this process has helped me solidify that Vagrant Story is my favorite game ever, and the best game ever. The act of breaking down my opinion in words really validated a strong feeling that I already had, but maybe couldn’t explain or even argue until after I did this.

I also found out that I think Resident Evil 4 is a better game than Radiata Stories, for example.  I guess I knew this long before I started a damn blog, but for my own weird reasons it does something for me to have a permanent listing of my own opinions.  As the list grew things shuffled around in interesting ways, to me.  It’s organic, sometimes anything can happen.  I don’t necessarily appoint a game “To The Top Five!” before I write a review. I frequently surprise myself with placements, and the surprises seem to always happen after I finish my write-up, when it really hits home just how much I like or dislike a game.

Anyway this is all incredibly selfish. I do it for me.  I don’t consider myself a good writer…I think some of my opinions and humor are childish and unfunny.  I’m frequently embarrassed about some of the shit I’ve put in here.  I don’t aspire to be a games journalist, have a ‘respected’ opinion or be a reliable ‘source’.  Games are my hobby and writing stuff about them is rewarding, that’s it.

The main chunks of content on the site are the game reviews themselves and the master list where every game is ranked in relation to every other game.  Simple enough I think. Oh and I like video game art a lot.  You’ll find a lot of art here.