1 hour and 27 minutes into Xenoblade…

…and it’s already the best RPG of this console generation.  My God.


13 thoughts on “1 hour and 27 minutes into Xenoblade…

    1. I don’t…yet. Just consider that I’m a takahashi AND ff12 fanboy and you’ll understand my opinion a bit easier.

      Also, I consider those game a little bit different being more action oriented RPGs. They are on my radar though.

  1. Wait a minute, were they taking pre-orders at game gestapo? Oh, no wonder. I ordered mine straight from Nantan. Fuck Gamestop. Fuck em with a 49 foot rusty, spiked, plastic spoon.

    1. Yeah, wanted the quickest route…there’s a gstop like 2 blocks from my place. I’ll swallow my pride to get a game like this 2-3 days sooner than I normally would.

      Otherwise I agree, ALTHOUGH, for some reason I wasn’t pitched a gameinformer or a pre-order while I was there, for like, the first time in the history of gamestop. Maybe it was an off day for them.

  2. Game Gestapo and Game Informer are changing their tactics a bit it seems. The last time I set foot in a Gestapo was when I bought Child of Eden. I didn’t get Game Informer crammed down my throat, but i did get the big pre order question. As soon as I gave her the look she just kinda ceased all attempts at salesmanship. I wonder if they talk about this kind of thing at their store meetings? I could see the Gestapo sergeant spouting off a morale boosting speech, screaming “when ya see a real gamer come in, TRY NOT TO SCARE THEM OFF. Save the sales tactics for the soccer moms!” You read Game infuxor lately? Almost no ads. Seriously. Last i counted, there were 3 total. At first i thought that it might have gotten rid of them completely, but alas, no. Seeing this makes me think only less of them. Why? Without ads they have to get their revenue elsewhere. That’s right. Backdoor deals. 18 page fucking previews are ads in disguise, and without ads, shit, 28 page previews. Ya know what I mean? And then there’s whatever else kind of demonic fucking payola they got going on behind the scenes. They’ve always been whores. DAY ONE.

    Anyways, I still haven’t gotten my copy yet, hahaa.

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