Flirting with a small change to the format


In an attempt to provide extra bits of information I thought it might be a good idea to give brief game explanations in the Master List itself, so I did Vagrant Story and Chrono Cross… but now I can’t really decide if I like it.  I’ve become so used to how it looks having all the games in a tight little list that it’s throwing me off.

But I do like having expanded information and summaries in the list itself.  Seems more… professional?  If anyone is out there, go check out the new way with the first two summaries as compared to the old way and give me your opinion on whether or not I should move forward and do them all that way.  It gives me a chance to add thumbnails of cool art from each specific game though, which is something I love.  Bah.



3 thoughts on “Flirting with a small change to the format

    1. That’s pretty awesome. I’m gonna keep that one tucked away for now as I prefer ever-changing official art, but I can definitely see a use for that in the future! Thank you so much, that’s really cool.

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