Index Update! PlayStation Edition

I have recently acquired a couple of new games that I feel deserve to be added.

Demon’s Souls: All you hear about is how hard this game is.  So far…pretty hard, but if I can beat Ninja Gaiden I can beat this.

Valkyria Chronicles: Beautiful and stylistic strategy RPG, music by Hitoshi Sakimoto, Vyce and Aika from Skies are in it…sold.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Love the series and 7 takes a few more steps forward than your typical Warriors numbered entry.

Breath of Fire IV:  Sometimes I just feel giddy at the concept of purchasing great old games for really cheap and playing them off of my hard drive.  This is a perfect example of being able to go back in time to access something that would be fairly difficult to obtain physically.  Kudos to PSN (maybe PS3 really does work in 4d!!!).  I’ve heard great things about this one.


3 thoughts on “Index Update! PlayStation Edition

  1. Hitoshi Sakimoto’s work on VC is really weak… A sad thing for such a grand composer, but I also believe, that in reality he only did a few tunes and then his other musicians from Basiscape did the rest of the job. Love BFIV and I firmly believe BF: Dragon Quarter should come second, yes, almost as good as Vagrant Story, it also contains Skimoto’s music, and they are strong and melanchollic as ever.

    PS. About Basiscape, check out the music library in Tactics Ogre, and listen carefully to the tunes that have other composers and you will see what I mean about VC.

    1. That’s disappointing…but I know what you mean about the TO music library. It bothers me when a composer’s name is attached to a project when it seems like sometimes their company or cohorts end up with the bulk of the work. I guess if you get as big as Sakimoto that’s bound to happen.

      I’ve only ever heard one song from Dragon Quarter…Electric Power Company, and it changed my life. Your suggestion will be taken very seriously.

      1. Word of advice on Dragon Quarter:
        Expect to die, a lot, and don’t be afraid to, stand away from reviews and such, play, die, play, enjoy, get depressed, and keep pushing to the surface.

        When you’re done with DQ you will see why JRPG’s are on the decline: They all ignored DQ.

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