List Reflection: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Edition

So the top ten wasn’t affected by Dissidia, and that may seem weird considering the somewhat glowing review I gave it.  I firmly believe that everything in place is correct and if you disagree with me I’ll punch myself in the face.

I was kinda shocked that Dissidia landed at 12th based on the write-up I just finished, because I like it quite a bit.  I guess what you have to know is that even though Dissidia might be good…it’s still a mash-up fighting game.  A mash-up fighting game with Tetsuya Nomura’s dirty hands all over it.  You also have to consider that there will be things coming in the future that will be much worse.  I know a lot of the games I’ve done lately are landing high…but I’ve also done some of my favorite games first.  Duodecim definitely seems to have what it takes to best Dissidia if everything I’ve read about it are true, so that will be an interesting thing to look forward to.  All said and done, anyone with a PSP and a history with RPGs should absolutely try Dissidia out!

I would like to take a second to formally encourage critiquing or questioning of the list updates.  If anyone has any further question on why ____________ is higher/lower than _______________, please feel free to ask because I have plenty of reasoning that never makes it up on here.  I’ll censor anything wildly insulting but other than that, fire away.

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3 thoughts on “List Reflection: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Edition

  1. Vagrant Story should be number 0, the omega of games, the rib from wich God should make the rest of them, also, that way if a game ever looks like a No. 1 to you, you can just give yourself into the darkness.

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