List Reflection: Chrono Cross Edition

Vagrant story was challenged finally!  Kinda.  Chrono Cross isn’t quite as good as VS but it’s about as close a race as it ever will be.  I would probably chalk it up to the fact that Chrono Cross’ story is way more convoluted, what with the world-splitting, parallel universe complexities.  Not a bad thing, just less understandable and slightly less explained.  To be honest, Chrono Cross is a phenomenal RPG that I can’t really find anything wrong with.  It’s definitely better than FFXII because it has so much more character.  I connected with CC way more than any other game I’ve ever played.  There is just some intangible thing about it that I can’t describe that really resonates with me.

And…it finally happened, FFXII isn’t the Vice President of this list anymore.  It was a good run for sure but Chrono Cross is just so incredible deep.  FFXII does have categories that individually win out: the battle and license board systems, the fact that is has voice acting and the writing/translation is superb.  That said, the sum of all of Chrono Cross’ parts are greater than those of FFXII.  It’s a more personally rewarding experience and more emotional with much better characters.  Looking forward…there may be one or two more that could best FFXII…but I won’t be sure until I do them.

Also…it’s becoming clearer that RE 4 can’t stand with the RPG heavy weights…but that’s just my personal preference shining through.  Also, here’s a question:  Will Resident Evil 4 be the last good Resident Evil game?  It sure looks that way right now.  Sad.  It’s funny to me how the list is altered when something places up near the top.  Like, Final Fantasy XI is no longer in the top five!  I really enjoy seeing how it all grows and evolves.  I mean I know that this wouldn’t be a top fiver but it was cool for a while when it was.  In a related point, Mass Effect will probably be pushed out of the top ten someday.  No big deal, I guess.  In what could only be called a premonition, I’ll give you a hint that there is modern console game that will place somewhere in the top five sometime in the future…and will have the crown of best game of this generation.  Can you guess what it is?

I’m just about to finish off Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and it’s a frickin’ amazing game.  CANT WAIT…to see where it places.  The original Paper Mario is till a shocker to me.  I can now call it a great franchise.

There are a lot of aspects of Radiata Stories that were clearly inspired by Chrono Cross.  The major decision turning point, the army of characters, even the colorful and anime’ish art design is strikingly similar.  Now that I think about it, Chrono Cross is just Radiata Stories flipped on it’s ass and done right.

Have you heard/seen all of the new Kingdom Hearts spin-offs?  Me either, there’s too many for one person to follow.  I’m pretty disgusted with where Nomura has taken the franchise, but every time I come to my blog and read the KH review I remember a time when it was at least still an idea executed well-enough to be called a good game.  Now it’s all just a bunch of fucking nonsense.  Please just make KH 3, for Christ’s sake.

Mario RPG is still the bottom of the barrel.  It’s memorable but the nostalgic goggles were workin’ their magic on me for a long time.  The tyranny of the happy memory goggles is over, rejoice!

Chrono Cross has penetrated the upper sanctum of the list with ease.  I know I said this about XII but I don’t think there’s a whole lot out there that’ll challenge it.  I’m happy to finally get one of my favorite games of all time on the site.  Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is just around the corner and it’s a full-fledged Matsuno game that I’ve never played.  I wonder what’s in store for me?

Currently Playing: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Currently Replaying: Final Fantasy VII
Next Up: Dissidia: Final Fantasy


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