Creative Uncut

I like to use a lot of official concept art on my blog because I’m into that kinda stuff.  In fact, I always try to post cool art of some kind in every post I do! My hard drive is full of  folders and folders worth of art from every game I like and many from games I’ve never even played.  I just really like having it, I guess.  It was always kind of a chore to find the entire library of even a single game’s concept art too…until I found the website Creative Uncut.  Over there they have a fairly comprehensive index of games and a full gallery with the official art of each inside.

I’m not saying that every single picture I have on here was found there, but a good portion of it was.  I can know with confidence that if I’m looking for something for a specific title, I’ll have a great chance of finding it there.  It’s for this reason that I just had to give them a shout out!  That website is fucking amazing, man!  Slightly more obscure games like Vagrant Story make the cut right up there with the big hitters…Final Fantasies, Castlevanias and Mega Mans, the like.

As far as I can tell, most of the operation is run by a guy by the name of David, as he’s the only one who ever updates the little news section on the right side of the front page.  So kudos to you guys (or guy) over there, you have one of the single best websites I have ever seen on the internet.  And thank you!  I don’t know what I would do to satisfy my obsessive need to look at video game art were it not for you.  Creative Uncut is the type of thing that you didn’t exactly know you needed before you found it, but once you did you realized how terrible it was that you hadn’t previously.  Everyone who sees this needs to head over there and check it out, you will be amazed!


One thought on “Creative Uncut

  1. Using frickin’ ChuChu to prove that I can see cool art at Creative Uncut is a little suspect. Haha, leave all the Shinkiro art where it is and gimme a big old picture of that stupid thing.

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