List Reflection: Brutal Legend Edition

In a battle of current generation games Brutal Legend was edged out by Mass Effect.  I love that game, and as good as I think Brutal is…it didn’t hit the sweet spot as much as Mass Effect.  I love me some RPGs…and Sci-Fi stuff.

Brutal Legend‘s placement was an obscenely difficult decision for me because Paper Mario rocked my shit off pretty hard.  I don’t want to give the edge to Brutal Legend just because it’s a Tim Schafer game, so I tried to put that out of my mind.  As simple a statement as this is, if I had to pick between the two and the one I didn’t pick would disappear from existence I would pick Brutal.  I honestly and genuinely enjoyed every aspect of this game.  Killer soundtrack, awesome fantasy open-world to explore and cool characters/story.  Also, since I really clicked with the online multiplayer there are hours of game time to be had yet.

Paper Mario and Brutal Legend really are about equal in importance to me.  Since I’m not doing ties I had to submit to my somewhat odd (or illogical) tastes again.  Paper Mario is a more cohesive experience…it knows what it is and it does everything it’s trying to do.  Since I’ve always seemed to have a fondness for the slightly flawed though, that may have worked against it in some way.  I think for as ambitious as Brutal Legend is, there’s no way for it NOT to have a certain amount of problems…problems I’m willing to overlook because of that same ambition.  Also.. I initially wanted to give it the edge because of how long it was compared to Brutal, but with a  higher difficulty replay and lots off exploring/collecting + online battling, I’d say even Brutal Legend has given me more hours.  In the end, I guess it’s simply a matter of what game I like more or what that game as a whole means to me.  I’m not here comparing how polished something is or how much better one game’s control scheme is, I’m just picking the game that I like more and for my own purposes I really have to admit that I just liked Brutal Legend a teensy-weensy bit more.  An almost immeasurably small amount more.

Now that I have a top ten, that means I have my first game that DIDN’T MAKE THE TOP TEN!!  So sad, but deserved.  Then again, it doesn’t feel all that right to say that Kingdom Hearts is the “10th Best Game of All Time”, so we’ll save official titles like that until everything is said and done.  Well actually… I can call Vagrant Story “The Best Game Ever Made”, because it is.  I should come up with a bunch of special awards for games once I get further along like “Most Disappointing Placement”, or “Most Surprising Placement”.  That would be fun.


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