List Reflection: Radiata Stories Edition

Paper Mario can be used as a perfect example of how Radiata Stories could have tied things up with it’s cute and funny characters.  You were invested in them and the game rewarded you for that, showing them all during the ending.  Is that too much to ask for?  Today Paper Mario is the better game because it has a better ending and that’s that tipped the scale quite a bit.  Radiata’s concept does get it somewhere on this list.  It’s low right now but there are definitely some games that will go lower.  All things said and done most of this game offers fantastic depth and detail and replay value.  The button configuration is nonsense, the battles are shallow and the ending sucks.  I find everything else to be phenomenal.

Wow!  I now have a top 10!  Pretty cool for me personally.  I’d like to pat myself on the back for getting this far into it.  Even I didn’t think I’d do more than five…tops.  It’s really rewarding to think critically about games compared to other games, which is something I feel like reviewers are afraid to do sometimes.  Anyway, cheers! 10 down, however many to go.


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