The Master List (6/9)

1.  Vagrant Story (PS)
2.  Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
3.  Final Fantasy XI (PC/Xbox 360)
4.  Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
5.  Paper Mario (N64/Virtual Console)
6.  Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
7.  Super Mario RPG:  Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES/Virtual Console)

1.  Best game ever made, done deal.

2.  I almost gave the #2 spot to FFXI because of how much I enjoyed playing it but the reality is that Final Fantasy XII is a better game.  Final Fantasy XII does way more for console RPGs than XI does for MMOs, and even though I love both games almost equally…XII gets the nod because of Matsuno’s vision and the storytelling.

3.  Final Fantasy XI is a wonderful MMO (easily the best) and my time spent in Vana’diel is priceless.  Unfortunately the life of Khreo is far less complicated and intriguing than the lives of Ivalice’s heroes.  I can’t add my five years of memories to the scale and tip it in this game’s favor because that’s not fair and that’s not even necessarily an accurate way for me to personally judge my game collection.  #3 seems right to me for this game.

4.  Mass Effect whoopdee whooooooo!

5.  Papsmar is hangin on to a top five spot.

6.  Kingdom Hearts is now 6 of 7.  All I can say to make it feel better is that it’s easily better than Kingdom Hearts II.

7.  SupMaRPG.  I give it a B- for effort.

This most recent review raised serious questions in my mind about my rating scale.  Like, how do I rate a fucking MMO against a bunch of console games?  What exactly am I basing this list on?  There’s no proper equation for how to compare an action RPG starring Disney characters against a high-fantasy open world online RPG.  Final Fantasy XI is a well made game and content-wise puts everything on this list to shame, so does that mean something?  Does six years of constant upgrades and expansions mean that FFXI is six times the game?  I answer these questions in my mind every time I do a review and the short answer is that I just pick the one that caters to my personal tastes the most.  I like MMOs but I like Matsuno RPGs more.  I get more out of them.  I got lots out of FFXI too but some of that could be reproduced by just hanging out and doing fun stuff with close friends.


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