The Master List (6/4)

1.  Vagrant Story (PS)
2.  Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
3.  Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
4.  Paper Mario (N64)
5.  Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
6.  Super Mario RPG:  Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)

1.  Nothing to say here, Paper Mario didn’t have any chance of cracking the top spot.

2.  Final Fantasy XII is so good…been playing through it again recently and I don’t question its placement as a solid #2.

3.  Mass Effect was pretty darn close to losing the third spot to Paper Mario but it stood tall and its name still rings out.

4.  Like I said in the review, Paper Mario is the better game.  I guess I didn’t really anticipate it overtaking Kingdom Hearts but I’m pretty happy about it.  My prediction for the future of the list is that Paper Mario will hold on for dear life to stay somewhere relatively near the top.

5.  A NEW WORST GAME EVER!  Yes! Kingdom Hearts has fucking risen from the ashes to clear its soiled name!

6.  SMRPG is good, sometimes great.  It’s at the bottom now but I’m pretty sure I’ll review something worse.

Paper Mario is the first game on this list that I had never played before.  It’s very cool to me that something I was just blissfully unaware of is actually better (much better) than a lot of games I’ve played in my life.  It’s an eye opener, definitely.  I mean, what other games are out there that would rank high on my list that I’ve never played?  There is endless potential out there!  Also we must all learn to accept the fact that even though we have our favorite games and our “firsts” that will always be dear to us, we just gotta accept that sometimes that’s the best thing about them.  SMRPG was one of these for me but this experience has shown me that while nostalgia is powerful and important, it was just plain stupid and ignorant to think Paper Mario wasn’t worth my time.  There’s too much of this sort of mentality in the video game world, specifically on the internet.  Let’s enjoy our habit with open hearts and minds from now on, OK?  Good.


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