The Master List (5/23)

1.  Vagrant Story (PS)
2.  Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
3.  Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
4.  Kingdom Hearts (PS)

1.  Vagrant Story hardly batted an eye at Mass Effect and remained untouched.

2.  Well, I guess no real surprises with this guy either.  FFXII is just too good.

3.  Mass Effect really does deserve a high spot on the list.  It’s definitely better than Kingdom Hearts but simply nowhere near FFXII (but what is?).

4.  Oh man…Kingdom Hearts, haha.  I really do like this game but it seems that the more I compare it to games that I love, the more it can’t compete.

No real shake-ups in the list or personal revelations this time.  I should be careful not to do all my favorite games first and cement the top 5…that would just make all the anticipation for where a game might place dissipate.  I mean I already know that nothing is going to crack #1… or probably #2 either.  All things considered, Mass Effect is awesome and will probably represent hard for the current generation seeing as there’s not a whole lot I can think of that would get anywhere near the top.


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